I went the extra mile and it turned into a double marathon...



Since my early days at Trinity College I knew I had a passion for learning. As I got older I was fortunate enough to take all the lessons of my worldly experiences and convey them and the love of learning to the next generation of professors and philomaths.


I have extensive experience in business creation and management. My brainchild, Terra-Americana, provides hand crafted creative confections for businesses and consumers worldwide. Whether you're hosting an event, looking for out of tbe box gifts or simply interested in spicing up your kitchen, Terra-Americana can help


From Massachusetts to Xiamen, I have been fortunate enough to immerse myself in foreign cultures. The diversity of my experiences has given me a unique and cherished understanding of what it means to be human. 

Kind Words/Endorsements


"Students were active and involved in all discussions and the professor knew each student by name. When students raised hands to participate they were always acknowledged by name. Overall, excellent class."

-Course Evaluator State University


"It is very clear that Prof. Cecchini has both a passion and a gift for teaching. It is very clear that the students respect her and valued her feedback. She also is obviously very current in the use of social media in business. Professor Cecchini is truly an asset to Westfield State and our department."

- Michelle Maggio, Course Evaluator


"I found her to be engaging and knowledgeable; she challenged many of my ideas as an effective instructor should. She was responsive to my needs as an adult returning to school; a sentiment that was shared by my classmates as well. My classmates and I all agreed that she was fair and consistent in regard to expectations and classroom protocol."

- Robert Stefanik, Student


"Julie is the boss of an independent company, and being in charge of employees while also interacting with many customers is certainly challenging. The fact that she is always available for help and willing to patiently teach a new procedure are what make her an excellent teacher and role model."

- Lisa Lombardi, Terra-Americana employee

Professor and Entrepreneur





Visiting Instructor...Westfield State University

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International Faculty...Clark University...China Branch

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Visiting Lecturer...Jimei University

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Adjunct Professor...Newbury College

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Terra-Americana...Founder and Owner

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